Sustaining our Traditions and Culture
Sustaining our Traditions and Culture
Tulalip Natural Resources Department image of near Tulalip estuary and uplands with urban development encroachment
Sustaining our Traditions and Culture

Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Division provides supportive services to the Natural Resources Department including budget and grant management, as well as Licensing and Permitting of both commercial and subsistence fisheries, and subsistence hunting. It also assists in the communication of Fisheries Regulations to the Tulalip fishing community.

The Tulalip Tribes license seven types of commercial gear for salmon and steelhead fisheries: marine gillnets, skiff gillnets, beach seines, purse seines, roundhauls, set gillnets, and trollers. Legal gear types are defined for reference and enforcement purposes each year in the annual general fishing regulation, which is approved by the Tulalip Board of Directors.

The vessels and gear of the Tulalip fleet are individually owned and fished by tribal members. The Tulalip Tribes do not allow rental or lease boats, and non-members of the tribe are not allowed to fish under the tribal fishing right.

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