Sustaining our Traditions and Culture
Sustaining our Traditions and Culture
Tulalip Natural Resources Department image of near Tulalip estuary and uplands with urban development encroachment
Sustaining our Traditions and Culture

Lochsloy Floodplain Restoration Project

The Pilchuck River is the first major tributary of the Snohomish River, and is a vital producer of Chinook, Steelhead, Coho and other salmon species. However, loss of side channel habitat and trees along the riverbank has decimated historical run sizes.

Tulalip is working with several collaborating landowners to restore floodplain channel connectivity, improve salmon habitat and plant natve trees in the prioritized Middle Pilchuck River. This Tulalip sponsored project includes comprehensive assessments, designs, outreach, and construction in due course. Project actions include removing a functionless levee, constructing side channels, installing in-stream habitat features, removing invasive plant species, and planting native trees.

Project Goals

  • Increase rearing habitat within the Middle Pilchuck River for Chinook and other salmon species
  • Improve water temperature and water quality in the Middle Pilchuck River for Chinook and other salmon
  • Increase habitat connectivity and natural habitat forming processes for chinook and other salmon
  • Maintain or reduce flood or other risks to landowners and infrastructure on the Pilchuck River

Project Objectives

  • Increased connectivity and function of over 36 acres of Middle Pilchuck floodplain
  • Formation/connectivity to ~2,300 feet of side channel habitat
  • Installation of up to 10 Large Wood Structures
  • 5 acres or invasive species removal
  • 5 acres of planted riparian area

Project Actions

  • Data collection, assessments, modelling, and design
  • Stakeholder and landowner outreach
  • Obsolete levee removal
  • Side Channel excavation
  • Large woody debris installation
  • Invasive species removal

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