Sustaining our Traditions and Culture
Sustaining our Traditions and Culture
Tulalip Tribes Natural Resources Department image of wetland with forested and cleared habitat
Sustaining our Traditions and Culture


Individual Presentations

Handout: Creating Community Gardens

Youth Session Summary: Reconnecting Tribal Families and Youth to the Natural World

Handout: Tribal Plant Gathering Codes

"Wilderness" in Mind: Rethinking Categories of Cultural and Natural Landscapes for the Benefit of Plants, People and the Land (Joyce LeCompte-Mastenbrook, University of Washington, Department of Anthropology)

Youth Session Summary: Contamination of Plants and Places

Youth Session Summary: Plant Gathering Knowledge and Education

The Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Project: Reframing Environmental Health (Valerie Segrest, Muckleshoot)

Suquamish Traditional Plants Program (Julia Bennett-Gladstone, Suquamish)

Closing Listening Session Summary

Tribal Youth Hands-On Experience Propagating Cultural Plants: National Park Service Native Plants Nursery Program with Upper Skagit Tribe (Meghan Parker, North Cascades National Park)

Tribal Food and Medicine Gardens (Elise Krohn, Northwest Indian College)

Tribal Gathering and Local Private Forestlands: Timber Fish and Wildlife/Forest and Fish (TFW-FFR) Provisions to Foster and Use (Jeffrey Thomas, Puyallup)

Tribal Gathering Across Jurisdictions in the Great Lakes Region (James Zorn, Great Lakes Indians Fish and Wildlife Commission)

Tribal Regulation of Treaty Gathering (Tim Brewer, Tribal Attorney, Tulalip)

A Perspective from Tribes of the Great Lakes Region: State and Federal Agreements for Treaty Gathering (James Zorn, Executive Director Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission)

Managing Public Lands to Ensure the Meaningful Exercise of Treaty Gathering (presentation by Peter Goldmark, Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands)

Traditional Plant Collection at Mount Rainier National Park: The Nisqually-Mount Rainier Plant Collection Agreement (Georgiana Kautz, Nisqually; Greg Burtchard, Mt. Rainier National Park)

Growing the Tribal – Federal Partnership in Land Stewardship: The Tulalip-Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie MOA and Treaty Reserved Gathering (Rob Iwamoto, Forest Supervisor, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest; Jason Gobin, Tulalip; Libby Halpin Nelson, Tulalip)

The Muckleshoot Huckleberry Project at Government Meadows (Warren Kinggeorge, Muckleshoot Tribe and Laura Potash Martin, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest)

Food Security: Scarcity in the Midst of Abundance (Dr. Rudolph C. Rÿser, Center for World Indigenous Studies) (presented by Elise Krohn, Northwest Indian College)

Tulalip Natural Resources Department line art image of forest or wetland area