Sustaining our Traditions and Culture
Sustaining our Traditions and Culture
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Sustaining our Traditions and Culture

Tualco Valley Connectivity Project image.

Tualco Valley Connectivity

The Tualco Valley lies at the heart of the Snohomish River Basin, where the Skykomish and Snoqualmie Rivers meet to form the Snohomish River. Haskell and Riley Sloughs flow through the Tualco Valley. They have provided critical salmon habitat along with irrigation for abundant agriculture. However, both sloughs have degraded, harming salmon habitat, streamflow, and drainage. There are also aging and damaged levees in the valley that are a flood risk and harm salmon habitat. Tulalip and project partners will work with Tualco Valley landowners and stakeholders to understand community needs. The goal is to design project alternatives that simultaneously enhance environmental, agricultural, and flood resiliency to make the valley better for people and our iconic salmon species.

Natural Resources - Tualco Project Map

Project Goals:

  • Restore salmon access to over 10.5 miles of critical habitat in Haskell and Riley Sloughs
  • Enhance agricultural resilience
  • Enhance streamflow and floodplain connectivity
  • Maintain or reduce flood risk

Project Objectives:

  • Talk to and learn from Tualco Valley landowners and stakeholders
  • Collect flow, infrastructure, biological and topographic data to understand current conditions
  • Use this information to determine enhancement options and collaborate on designs

Potential long-term project actions:

  • Enhance stream crossing infrastructure on Haskell and Riley Sloughs
  • Enhance existing levees for habitat, agriculture, and flood resiliency
  • Enhance flow and drainage in Haskell and Riley Sloughs
  • Enhance stream and adjacent forest habitat


If you live in the Tualco Valley or are interested in this project; we would love to talk to you!

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